Rest Easy Winston, Our Sweetest Boy

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Winston crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, and while we are heartbroken, we find peace in knowing that he was made whole again, out of pain, and is running like the wind! He was a silly boy with an amazing spirit and happiness, and loved us with his whole heart. He is forever held close in our hearts.

We thank the Tripawd’s community for all of your support over the past 15 months.

Winston’s Family


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My Sweet Winston

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Winston’s journey on this earth is nearing the end, and our hearts are breaking. We’ve had an extra 15 months of fun, joy, and lots of cuddles after Winston’s amputation, but now there is a large sarcoma in his abdomen that is not treatable. We pray for several weeks with him, but in reality know that the relentless growth of this mass will cause more pain.   We knew something was wrong a week ago when he refused a McDonald’s French fry. What we thought was a tummy problem turned out to be our worst nightmare.

Our vet suggested a diet of lean poultry and high carbs such as boiled potatoes. He is eating well now, and his pain is being controlled by Gabapentin even though it makes him wobbly and stiff. He is still making his daily trek upstairs to his favorite corner to sleep the day away. Despite all of this, his spirit and silliness are shining through, and we will wait for him to tell us when he’s ready. Knowing Winston, he is more concerned about us and our hearts.

I included two pictures – one from the weekend, and one from when he was a puppy almost 12 years ago to see the full spectrum of his charm and cuteness. We have loved this boy so well, and we will be with him every step of the way.

Winston’s mom

Winston’s One Year Ampuversary!

Hi Everyone!

We haven’t been on much lately, which is probably good! Winston just had his last x-ray to check for mets, and all is clear! Such a sigh of relief, and in celebration, we’re going to get some french fries! Yum!

Winston is doing well, although this winter has been tough for him outside with all the snow/ice we’ve had. He still wants to climb in the snow, and even though I try to keep him from doing that, he defiantly climbs anyway.

It’s hard to believe one year has gone by, and it has been a blessing to see him so happy with life!

Winston and Shelly

Happy Birthday Winston!

This sweet boy is 11 years old today! He had his first chest x-ray done after his amputation, and no mets! All clear! This has been a week of celebration and feeling so blessed to have this boy happy and doing so well. Winston is getting so strong. His visits to Dr. Amy (our rehab vet) have been so helpful in strengthening his front wrist, his hips, and shoulder. He has some mild hip displaysia so he takes fish oil and dasuquin. His 3 pound weight loss has also helped. 2 more pounds to go! I stop will get a few of his fav french fries today in celebration of his birthday!

We know how blessed we are that we’ve not had to go through chemo or radiation as some of our other  Tripawd friends have had to. Winston is back to playing with his toys, and loves to run outside! I can barely keep up with him!

Shelly and Winston

Winston’s Sweet Ride!

Mommy and I finally got to take the walk I have been waiting for! Since I can’t walk as far as we used to, mommy bought me a chariot! I wasn’t so sure about getting into this thing, but once I did (after getting some treats), I really liked it! I got to see everything, feel the breeze, and watch the kids at the park – just like we used to. I got to get out and run a little bit, and then when I got tired mommy helped me get back in my new wheels!

I was sort of tired when we got home, so I slept the afternoon away…….. Life is good.